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Default Re: Oscar Bonavena 1970 v Leon Spinks 1978

Originally Posted by AREA 53 View Post
Not quite sure when it would happen, but happen i think it would...Leon getting caught with something crude and nasty... chances are he may even run onto/into "īt " he did climb all over Bernardo Mercado..but Bernard was taller and a bit of a slow robort to which Leon could be an annoying Bee ..until the moment came when the multiple of Stings caught up with him, but i dont think that ability exists here, this is more like a Jack Russell acting like a bulldog - finding himself up against a genuine Bull, and sooner or later one of Oscar's retaliatory bullrushes will land with something...Leon's not exactly a matador and gets gored..After Joe Frazier...Maybe even George Chavalo...Oscar should be able to cope with Leons just might take awhile for the swotter to land right. but land i think it would...

Nicely summed up !
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