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Default Re: Running/Skipping injury advise needed please.....

I did skip on concrete which was stupid as I had bought a nice peice of ply wood but when it rained it would change the trajectory of the rope when the rope impacted the board and it annoyed me so I just skipped on the concrete for a while and that's when I first noticed the issue.

I immediately went back to skipping on the board but I feel the damage was done. I run on grass so not so much of an issue.

I always wear running shoes (I'm addicted to trainers/sneakers) but I definately was not stretching properly mainly down to the fact I was an idiot and thinking I was younger than I am.

It's more than just aching from the massage, it's an injury I have been pushing very very hard, I have got to the point where I'm pretty addicted to my training right now. So I most likely didn't listen to my body and just pushed through.
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