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Originally Posted by MrSmall View Post
Do you think there is a time limit for a decent amateur career?

How important is a coach throughout?

Have you ever phantom punched somebody to death?
Ha ha ha

The coach is very important - but not as important as the individual - you have to take responsibility for your own learning.

Anyone can put on a pair of pads and call themselves a coach. It's about breaking down and understanding the different facets of the sport.

It's also about finding new areas where you can improve people. I can spot a blagger very quickly - I'm not bothered as I wouldn't give them the time of day but what upsets me is they ruin careers.

I think as a coach it's your duty to know as much about each area as possible. And just like a boxer if your smart about it you'll cut it , and if not then you won't.

The mind is also so important. Understanding that and how a fighter responds to critsm is also so important.

I don't think there is a time limit on a decent amateur career. I think you should carry on until you can deal with every style and every punch. Once you've got that then time to think about the pros.
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