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Default Re: Anyone Facebook Friends with Rid**** Bowe?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
yeah..ive heard versions where it sounded like bowe was scarred of tyson and others where he got along with him and still others where he was **** too is most likely all three. Until about the age of 11 I think (whatever the age was when someone ripped the head off of one of his pet pigeons) Tyson was actually bullied and picked on a good bit. Maybe Bowe was one of the people who bullied him at that age. Than maybe later when Tyson got a rep as a good fighter and general thug maybe bowe avoided him? who knows...
The more i study Bowe, the more i feel he was a bit of a thug, show off, bully. Hence why hes still talking about why hed Ko XYZ, hes got a big ego. Someone did post a comment on the Tyson Vs Bowe thread that theyd trained with Bowe who was going around saying Tyson ducked him. If that is true, Bowe is a douche Bowe cannot accuse anyone of ducking. Tyson fought Holyfield, Lewis and Holmes and most of Bowes best wins are Tyson left overs.

Tyson on the other hand, is a nice guy as long as you dont **** him off. He seems to mind his own business.
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