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Default Re: Pele Reid KO Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
First off that is not kickboxing as most poeple know it now, that is "controlled" light semi contact Karate, which was very often labled as kickboxing back then in the hangover days after the movie Kickboxer. Kickboxing became a buzz marketing word being used by just about any organisation that could get away with using it to gain more students or spectators and to look a bit fresh, exotic and like thay had something different to teach.

At that time you had more governing bodies offering kickboxing world titles than you did fighters fighting for them, so to all those boxing fans unfamiliar with the Kickboxing world, Vitali's world title means absolutly nothing! In the west this was before the Muay Thai explosion that has since come to dominate all forms of FC stand up fighting and hence in most organisations low kicks were not allowed and more often than not you had a mimimum kick rule of 7 per round only above the waist. No wonder FC karate died a pitiful death once MT exploded into K1. K-1 was just getting started and niether Pele or Vitali would have survived more than round and a half with a Hoost, Aerts or Hug of the era. The MT world was and always will be all about the Thai scene as back in the 90s the Kickboxing scene was all about Japan not the west.

And unlike boxing where the HWs have always been give such prominence and respect the HW Kickboxing or MT scenes are always the weakest in talent, quality and spectator excitement more often than not being horrible and ugly mismatches, the last division you look to for anything good. MT & KB are sports for little guys 72 kg and under, the big boyz aren't built for it very few have the natural atheltisism to even perform the most basic techniques fluidly.

And as for the above KO, well in MT & KB there is NO shame in getting KTFO from a kick. All that granite chin stuff goes out the window when Knees, Kicks and more importanly Elbows are involved. It's all about granite legs in the MT & KB world.

Glass legs do exsist!!!
Top post, thanks . I know naff all about combat sports other than boxing.
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