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Default Re: Have you guys read Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey?

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Absolutely not the stance used by Marquez - tell me what the similarities are!
There are three stances that he mentions. The first one is straight up and down, like so many fighters do today, like Mike Jones who sucks.

The second is a semi-crouch. Marquez does fight out of a semi-crouch. I'm not so sure about Dempsey's thoughts on weight distribution, especially regarding the third stance, but I believe in the second stance, he recommends a balanced approach where the weight is more or less evenly distributed.

Marquez fights out of a balanced, semi-crouched stance, and while he's a great counterpuncher, he's an offensive fighter.

From what I could tell, that's the style that Dempsey was recommending as being the most effective. It's a style that most average athletes could utilize.

Maybe, my interpretation is off, but I try to look at it from a film perspective. And if you watch Dempsey on film, and don't pay attention to the rudimentary drawings, you can see that the style he recommends looks like it came from Gene Tunney who probably has the best all around stance in boxing.

Similiar to Marquez today.

And while Mike Jones may use a lean back, 'philly shell,' style of defense, he's still a straight up and down fighter that relies mostly on his footwork to get away from his opponents.

The full crouch, bobbing and weaving style is a lost art. I wish more guys would use that style today. Very few guys do.

I suppose Tim Bradley does to an extent, but he hasn't figured out how to punch for some reason.

Honestly, Chisora, who isn't a very good athlete himself, would probably have the best success against Wladimir, specifically because he does utilize that bobbing and weaving style.
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