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Default Re: why are girls SO LAZY at the gym????

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
well in theory your right
but in reality it doesnt matter if a girl wants to be fit
and a guy to be muscular or whichever

my point is that whatever the goal of the girl is

why are there 6 guys to every girl in any gym?

and from the ones that are there
most dont work as hard as guys,

doesnt matter if they want to look like a bikini model or bodybuilder
its not hard to see someone putting in effort in the gym

cardio or weights or whatever training

there is more pressure on women to look good

there is way more guys in any gym then girls

so its not hard to say
the girl is too lazy to put in real work in the gym
so she doesnt eat

You dont see because you working on different places of gym. Women usually been on bicycle or treadmill or fitness room. Men usually standing near on body build machines or dumbell or barbells. Another fact you can work for 2 hour nonstop, but a woman cannot, physical differences. A woman can keep fit by taking care what you eat. But a man cannot be more muscular by takin care what you eat, you should go to gym daily. Women arent lazy.
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