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Default Re: Losing lower Belly pouch and Love Handles?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
You'll lose fat in certain areas (no you can't choose where). Some areas the fat will burn away, others will take weeks to see a noticeable difference. Everybody will see different results at different times in different areas of the body. Take your time, make your workouts intense and it'll go soon enough.

p.s. You don't lift "HEAVY" at 6-8 reps... "HEAVY" would be max effort training.
100% true, but i figured dedicating 2 days a week (used to be three) to core work would be a good idea. So far i'm seeing a difference. I don't train for aesthetics at all, but i've been fat my whole life, i just want my belly and man tits gone, and they almost are. Plus my back pain has gotten way better. So for people who just have that little bit left like i do, even though you can't spot reduce, its still a great idea to work them a little harder i think. I know you said your diet is good and i believe you, but diet really is key. I'm the same height as you, maybe a little taller, i'm guessing you have a belly still is because your 130lbs. Try bulking a little bit, then cutting. When you cut you should be cutting the fat and retaining the muscle.
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