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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
The long and short for me is langford racked up a resume significantly better than Dempsey did. He is perhaps the greatest trap setter in history and Dempsey has been shown to be wild and aggressive in his prime.
The thing is, does the footage of Langford show him setting amazing traps and icing guys with single shots ?
I don't think it does.
Most people here think he looks pretty good on film, but they also reckon his opposition looks pretty crude and inept - on the available films.

I've seen footage of him KOing Bill Lang, and he's not totally uneducated in doing so, but really he's mostly walking down and stalking an intimidated opponent and looks 'heavy-handed' more than anything.
The footage of him against Flynn, what I can remember is he's getting really stuck in, throwing some nice uppercuts.
It's not the cagiest, cleverest display of trap-setting from what I can remember. And Flynn's pretty basic.
And then there's the Jeanette bout on film. Langford looks good, but Jeanette really not so much.

I mean, a lot of people are going to dismiss what people said about Dempsey because they think 'He doesn't look that good on the film, I don't see it' .... are we evaluating Langford in the same way ?

I dunno, call me crazy, but I think it's Dempsey who 'looks better on film'.

That's not to say Langford would not knock him out, he certainly can.

Run at langford with your chin out and the next thing you'll see is the ref count ten.
... or it might take Langford a few rounds to do that.

Again, call me crazy, but I don't see Dempsey running at his opponents with his chin out all the time in every fight.
I mean, even lesser fighters would take you out if you do that. All the time.
He probably did that against Flynn the first time, and he did it against Firpo. But not every fight.

It's not massively difficult to pick in this fight.
For you maybe.
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