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Default Re: Will Ricky Burns duck Adrien Broner if they both win the next fights they have?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Gavin Crane/KopTalk/Leaf Cutter Ant/R. Dean Taylor/Riddler aka aka aka aka aka......aka x500 million registered accounts to agree with yourself. I see that you are still here sunshine? So am I. Not that I can see your posts, but my word, you have been on this 24/7, never gone offline. When I was active (the first day you started this campaign.) you didnt go offline once.

I've been out all day, today, just come back, to find yet another new account registered and user notes left on my profile, and your also in conversations with your own alts. Wonderful. Sublime. Superb. Extraordinary. Magnificent.

But instead of twiddling with your photo****, and sitting on your computer all day trying to "bring down" an invisible person on the forum, go to this site instead:

If you dont find a job soon sonny boy, they'll stop your JSA!

Night Night
ya need to remove the throbbin 10 inch yogurt slinger from your mouth and start talking sense ya creep
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