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Default Re: I'm a pro boxer; any questions about pro boxing let me know?

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Good Q ususally i'm panicing the week before so more weight just comes off- but irrespective of that I eat very, very well the week before in terms of good quality food.

LOL, I gotta tell these guys to panic more....

So good quality food but not too much of it.... Makes perfect sense.

Now I'd like to ask you a training question. I know that you teach people, train them and also train yourself.... So with all of that experience... if you had to make a training pie chart or something like that do you think you could do that for us?

Here's a random example of what I mean.

25% Sparring
15% Heavy bag
10% Roadwork
15% Focus mitts
5% Double end bag
15% Strength and conditioning plyometric exercises
15% Shadow box

All of your feedback is appreciated!
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