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Default Re: Mayweather true hero of this era

I love watching Jr more than anyone else and i don't have any other athlete than him and i don't have a close 2nd.

They people that say they hate floyd and say his fights are boring are PHUKIN out of their deluded little minds.people we should be happy he is/was around for our time because NO ONE that's a member of ESB will NO DOUBT never see a talent like him again. I don't think their kinds or grand kids will either.

I believe Jr is a one time type talent and fighter. his fights are dangerously entertaining and beautiful to me.

If he was just a nice and calm guy to the media he would be held so much higher to the idiots who pretend Jr isn't the GOAT.

I would love to know which fights people are talking about him being boring cause outside of Baldi IDK others. ODH was the worst perf i saw in him But ODH had lots to do with that. If ODH said OK to the 8oz gloves or actually tried to wiin beyond the 5th round could have been more than it was. Once Jr took away the jab he was in 100% counter time and the counter right off the ropes ended ODH fight. ODH had nadda left after that. he was in great shap and his chin was fine but those 2 things took the fight out of him.

go watch corley ndue hatton chici (RIP) gatti RIP)
actually any fight outside of Baldi and possibly ODH ( which wasnt that bad but the hairline fracture in his hand from RD2 didnt help)

If you actually know this sport and watch without hate and without the wrong glasses you will see round in round out the disgustingly endless amount of skill he has

Put his physically endless skills with the boxing brain he has it's truly unfair for everybody in his OR any previous ERA

sadly for us and more importantly ME floyds all but done with his first career. Last thing he should consider is coming back again when he is past it. he been slipping gradually but steadily for like 4/5 fights now. IF floyd refuses to retire i will be scared for him but he is still the true P4P and H2H KING. the only fight i would be pumped for is Maravilla but floyd would need a decent tuneup. RG is the wrong fighter to fight unless you have to get by him to move forward. I would like him to whoop up on Timmy. Yes tim is a much easier fight and wouldn't see the scorecards but its better than getting MMA rg type BS. Then floyd & rog could study his performance and IF both truly believe he could close to 100% (100% for an old fighter) he should stamp it with SM or canelo @ 154
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