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Default Re: What if the Soviets had always been allowed to fight in the pro ranks?

Originally Posted by Sugar Nick View Post
People forget that Americans were doing pretty damn good with winning Olympic medals in boxing during that era as well. Ali = Gold medal, Foreman = Gold, Frazier = Gold

it is a myth, usually perpetuated by ex-communists who believe that great amateur success = a great professional fighter.

Since the Berlin Wall fell former soviet boxers have produced less than 25% of the HW world champions & thats their best division.

Look at the transnational boxing rankings, ex-USSR dominance is a myth.
And counting......

You going off on your rant is just as bad as the opposite end of the spectrum.

1/4 of the WORLDS HW Champs in just the past 20+ years and counting. This statistic does not back the argument that nothing would have changed if they were allowed to fight Pro during communism.

Secondly why exclude former or current Champs from all weight classes such as Jirov,Kostya,Adamek,DM,Lebedev,Wlodarczyk..etc

No one is dominating anything but to say that the Boxing landscape would not look a little different is simply burying your head in the sand.
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