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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
To me, man, nothing simulates a distance fight across 12 like running a long ass way, uphill as much as possible.

I know the alternatives are catching on, and as I've aged I use them more and more, but running should never go out of style. Strengthening your legs that way just works, and always has.

I say do everything. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is harder on a man than a full championship distance against a train killer. The stamina drain is unreal. Be strong in every area, do everything you can. Can't hurt, just have a smart sage to guide you towards progress and away from injury.
Marciano would attest to this. I can't find the footage but he said running uphill is what kept your legs/conditioning in a long and grueling fight.
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