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Default Re: How much do you think Adam Booth can improve Aydin and Lee's game?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
And here, PK, is where you make a complete **** of yourself. I actually said that Haye CAN throw the left hook. It's only back a page, I think.

Might want to get back on the medication, yeah? Your issue was with Mo, not me, you spastic.
I have been watching the TV, while doing work, aswell as responding to this thread....

I think i have got DrMO & your comments mixed up. I was just skimming the thread quickly, not bothered to look who actually made the posts.

I very rarely read the whole posts, and just read what i can be bothered reading.

Note: I am still going to knock you spark out, with a low guard. My issue is not with DrMO, my issue is still with you.
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