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Default Re: How much do you think Adam Booth can improve Aydin and Lee's game?

I think fighters should start off by learning the fundamentals. If they turn out to be that gifted athletically, maybe they can use a low guard, if they can master that style. With a high guard, obviously you're better protected. Just because you have the gloves up doesn't mean you can't slip, lean back, use distance, bob and weave to avoid punches. You can still do all of that, but if the punches do land you've got some protection. In certain situations it's also better for countering. For example, after a bob and weave when you wanna throw a hook. The punches would have less distance to travel also.

With the low guard, the main disadvantage is obvious, but with good control of distance, good reflexes and upper body movement you can get away with it. Still, if you come across someone that's unpredictable, hard to read and fast, then what if your reflexes are not good enough to avoid the attacks? The punches obviously have a further distance to travel from a low guard position, but if you're faster than your opponent, again you can get away with it. There is another way of looking at it though. The advantage is you're not pulling back to generate power. For example, if you want to throw an uppercut. From a high guard you would have to pull back before throwing. Like loading up before firing. If the hands are low, you can just throw, without having to pull back to generate power. Punches would also be coming from below the opponents eye line and this could cause problems for him if he's not used to it. Sometimes during sparring I've had trouble with jabs when they have come from a low hands position. I think having the hands low may also tempt your opponent to commit more. They see an open target and load up, over commit, you make 'em miss and bang! Good for counter punching I think.

It has it's advantages but if I was a boxing coach I personally wouldn't let my fighters use this style until they had mastered the basics.
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