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Default Re: Peter Quillin: "The fight with Golovkin doesn't make sense".

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
yeah it is getting a little worrisome. I guess Taylor makes more financial sense than GGG, but that's just an obvious duck/cherry pick there. Really how many big draws are there? If you want to prove something, then actually fight the best available.
At this point, Kid Chocolate just beat N'Dam who was very game and now he wants Sergio or Geale, so he hasn't messed up yet. But he is very close to ducking here
Kid Chocolate is great to watch as well,but as Bama said he's a 10 car pile up waiting to happen.
A fight with 3G would be brief but it's one of those that is slightly under the mainstream radar that I would love to see.That left hook is one of the best weapons in the game right now but I'd love to see if/how he stops 3G coming at him.
He's had to wait a while,so I don't begrudge him an earning fight to start off,but he has to show he's up for taking on the best because that division is hotting up and the fights are there.

I'm not asking for links,but does anyone know if the Geale fight is on UK TV or is available to watch legally on online PPV?
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