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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by The Jackal View Post
JWP has recently announced he is coming out of retirement, the muay thai scene in Australia has just gone into overdrive for 2013.
First up fighting in Melbourne, to start a 3 fight deal with powerplay promotions.
Second fight will be on his own promotion CMT on the Gold Coast QLD.
Caged Muay Thai, something different.
Octogan, 3x5, Full Muay Thai rules, 4 ounce gloves.
Think his management are looking beyond Australia for world class opposition,
but there is a fighter here named Shannon "Shaggy" King who might of just goaded J Dubbya into a massive local grudge match over an internet forum war.
Thanks Jackle.

I'm all for JWPs caged MT, looked good in his last show. I'd love to see some Thais give it a go!

Couldn't keep the beast in its cage! JWP back on the battlefield, although a bit ripe these days (37?) still great news for the international scene to get such a seasoned vet back. JWP vs Petro FTR caged with 4oz gloves anyone?

By the way isn't Powerplay PIRA's place?
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