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Default Re: who's the best commentator in boxing?

Originally Posted by Norbix View Post
To be fair, very few people can actually say what's actually going on. Most people don't actually "see" a fight until the second time they watch it. I'm sure most people were thinking what Lampley was thinking when they watched Bradley vs Pac.
Incorrect. Anyone with good knowledge of the technical side of boxing can see that a punch isn't landing by the reaction & movement of the opponent's head.
It was VERY obvious during Pac-Bradley, as it was in Pac-JMM 1,2, and (especially) 3.

Likewise, a good student of the sport knows when a fighter has actually been hurt by a punch. Lampley, on the other hand, is literally clueless. Sometimes I have to turn off the sound when watching an HBO fight, just so my head doesn't explode from all the 100% incorrect things he says.

Lampley does have a very nice hairpiece, though.

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