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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Finally made it home, so I have a moment to type a more detailed critique if you're still interested.
By "trying too hard", I meant literally just that. Every move you make, you seem to have rehe****d in your head many types without actually having put it into both practice and action enough. It seems you're visualizing and thinking about every single step and then executing it. So you're not coming off naturally at all.
You guys danced to the left for the entire clip.
You're too one-directional once you decide to throw.
Your only way of entrance is to go way low because you seem to think or feel he can't reach you that way while jabbing the body.
You misjudge your distance and throw the rest of your punches way too telegraphed while over reaching.
There is absolutely no head movement unless you see punches already on their way.

The experience gap from you two may be a little wide, but you should make it a little more real next time. At least for you. Let him tag you a little. Walk him down. Perfect your timing, footwork, distance. keep him humble with a real jab. Hook him, spin him, tie him up, feint him.

Again, no offense, but from the light sparring you posted, I can only say your current knowledge/level is of a beginner.
There was a clip posted here earlier with some good sparring footage with very well disciplined guys with what I'd call intermediate experience.

*edit. Found the clip

BORKED lol **** I don't know how to embed videos

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