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Default Re: Why Are The US Heavweights So Poor Now?

Originally Posted by Cachibatches View Post
Again- fallacy of small numbers.

A tiny, tiny percentage of American atheletes over 6 foot play in the NBA/NFL.

Its a joke, man. No one who understands basic mathematics can take that argument seriously.
no it's really fricken serious. If you're a 6+ foot athlete in highschool, there's a slim chance you're going to box. If my son comes out and is 6'6 and is coordinator, fast and is strong, I'm sure not going to let him box. His ass is playing basketball or football.

Just look at the heavyweights we have
Seth Mitchell (former football player who quit and took up boxing in his 20's)
Wilder (same as Mitchell)
Arrolea (lol if you think he's one of the best athletes in America then just say so)
Eddie Chambers (skilled fighter, but he's not in the best shape either and really should be fighting at a lower weight class)
Jennings (former bball player with only 17 amateur fights)

Does this not tell you anything?
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