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Default Re: Just how bad was Haglar robbed if at all against SRL?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I agree that Hagler fought dumb and Leonard fought smart. But I still think he did enough to win.
I have a little extra sympathy for Hagler in this case, because I believe a close loss for Leonard would have been a 'victory' anyway, but not so for Hagler.

In close fights, the judging system is harsh. That's compunded by the fact that one of the Leonard votes was way too wide. I mean, even in these times of the internet and all the partisan crack pots, 'fan boys' and 'haters', you wont find many defending a 118-110 score.

In close disputable fights I always feel a draw would be the fairest result.

But it's all part of the game. They both got well paid. No one died. Everyone knows Hagler was a great fighter. It is what it is.
How are you scoring this fight? I mean Hagler flushed all of the early rounds down the toilet
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