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Default Re: How much do you think Adam Booth can improve Aydin and Lee's game?

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Sorry for late reply mate..

Basically the low held guard and looser held guards were used in the 30's 40's 50's etc (as well as the full guard). In this country and in Europe we're a tad more conservative and like to hold hands higher so Watt's bred into that line of thought. The coaching textbooks were more about higher hands being the way to go. You still see that in our fighters a lot today although you do get fighters now copying the shoulder roll etc. The coaching is a bit rigid and runs on the tried and trusted and that's what the full guard brings.

Booth likes to offer a little to get a lot. IE. Loose low held guard offers chances for the opponent who will lead off but also with the low held guard you can punch and create more angles and counter better. It's a risky game but Booth likes it and it's effective.

The higher held guard picks off a lot more punches and lessens risk and allows you to stand ground slightly more and even edge closer then low held guards. The jab can be set in motion, But then likes of Froch like the low held left because they can create more angle for the jabs.

Then he eats more right hands because it's a seem for it so both have there advantages and negatives like football a formation will have strengths yet have weaknesses but it's all about how you cover the weaknesses up. The lower held guard though is for more talented fighters who have a special quality and characther inside ring. I wouldn't ask someone who's not comfortable in own skin (in ring) to move from the hips and show me the shoulder and work them angles . You just got to know what your working with. I'd say coaching the full guard is more easier...

So it's not exactly a old school vs new school thing in world boxing terms but it's more British/European type old school coaching. Although there's obviously some American trainers who prefer higher held guards as well.

For me it's all about the fighters and there attributes and ring characther. In this country i've been to Am gyms and they do not like a low held guard i can only think because it's from pro game in there opinion and not the norm and comes across ****y.

People think having hands up means your safe, it doesn't. You can put the ear muffs on and still get KTFO.

Edit: I also feel a weakness with the full guard is fighters a lot nowadays don't parry and slip within it they just block and when you block a lot of fighters sometimes will hook and turn you with the hook now if you slipped it you could counter it etc.
Nice 1 mate, I was rewatching the Judah-Matthysse fight last night and was amazed that the knockdown in that fight came by Matthysse punching through Judahs glove. Shows what sort of power Matthysse has.

dftaylor made a great point describing Haye as a gunslinger, I guess you could say the same about Bute who shoots that booming left hand to the body from his hip.

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
I notice a lot of fighters using a low guard struggle with pressure fighters who throw lots of punches.
Do you think this happened to Brook when he fought Carson Jones? It could be that his nose broke and his stamina wasn't there, but Brook was getting lit up by Jones in the second half of that fight.
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