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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
you fought bowe and mccall?

mccall ate flush shots from lennox lewis like nothing
and you think foreman would just bully him?

bowe, come on man
a prime bowe would eat old foreman

ruddock only got abused after tyson ruined him
not before

ps bowe made fun of foreman many times
mocking him etc
foreman never respounded

Worked with those two, never fought them. Experienced rounds with Rid**** young, Ollie old.

Prime Bowe would have worked George, but not in a war. George wouldn't have made it a war, Rid**** would have just stepped off and around. He'd have hit paydirt shifting to the right and popping up the uppercut. But he wouldn't have backed George up with any consistency. He didn't drive with his legs very well, first of all, and he'd have been outjabbed at a distance, which makes it hard to consistently control the center. He'd have won with his own spin on how Holyfield did.

George was much, much stronger than Oliver McCall- He'd have backed him up easily. It's not just about eating shots and smiling, which is pretty much all McCall could do against the absolute best in the division, it's about the shoving, the bumping, the pushing, the moving. George beats the tar out of Oliver in a war, and wins a decisive decision. Probably 8-4.

You go around George, not through him
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