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Default Re: What if the Soviets had always been allowed to fight in the pro ranks?


Side shows? They were on USA friday night fights and ESPN Thursday night fights with other fighters seen as rising prospects, plus Sports Illustrated article and cover on KO mag. so your side show theory is out the window. And Im interested, how exactly were they set up to fail? Non descript? Wasn't sergey Kobozov on the Russian national team? Didn't he beat John Ruiz and was seen as a potential star at cruiserweight? Sorry but your post has massive holes in it that Im exposing. Maybe you need to provide more facts and details and less conjecture.

Lol, people like me? You have 6 posts, you don't know a thing about me. And what is it I have defamed? I've pointed out facts, just like I've done with you. This isn't any kind of vehement crusade. It's called educating those who don't know what they're talking about (BadDog) and seek to rewrite the truth (you). Im happy more nations are allowed to compete professionally now. I don't judge fighters like many on here. As long as they're exciting I don't care what race, color, mationality or religeon they are, so stop being se presumtious.
sergey Kobozov [sic] is a good example because he wasn't one of the best Eastern Bloc fighters in his weight class as an amateur. He wasn't representing USSR in the major tournaments, and yet he was still able to do well as a pro, he beat john ruiz and came close to winning a world title.
So it is not hard to believe the the better amateurs may have been more successful had they turned pro.

Although some Eastern Bloc amateurs turned pro at the start of the 90s, not many of the better amateurs did.
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