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Default Re: How much do you think Adam Booth can improve Aydin and Lee's game?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
At risk of upsetting Mo and Miguel, yes, I do. Brook is, for me, the epitome of fighters who think they can use a low-hand guard because they have massive advantages at domestic level. Their speed and athleticism carry them through quite often.

Against Jones, Brook was facing a guy he couldn't put away, who was throwing lots of punches at him, and wasn't giving him the room he likes to operate in. A more fundamentally sound fighter, who can use different types of guard, would have brought his hands up and presented less of a target. Because Brook lacks that sort of schooling, he ended up getting hit too much when he got tired.

I use Floyd Mayweather Jr as an example a lot, because he s supremely adaptable. Look at the Judah fight:

He starts off struggling with Judah's speed and his hands are out of position to respond either defensively or offensively. Then look at how he comes out in the 10th round - he's got his hands up to do two things: encourage Judah to target the body, which lets Floyd land his straight right, and to reduce the risk from Judah zipping punches in from odd angles.

*Can someone tell me how to embed YT - I'm having a PK moment*
It's funny you mention the Judah fight with Mayweather, after I re-watched Judah-Mattysse last night I re-watched Judah-Mayweather, and Lennox Lewis and the HBO guys commentating explain the same thing you were earlier in this thread -

Re: Brook, I agree it was worrying once Brook did tire, and the athleticism he relies on to avoid shots disappeared, he was getting tagged way too much, to the extent he actually showed a sturdy beard to get through those last 5 rounds. I guess the Ingles could argue that now they've "fixed" Brook's stamina issues we won't see that kind of display again, which I hope so cos I really like Brook as a fighter, but it still sent alarm bells ringing.
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