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Default Re: Why Are The US Heavweights So Poor Now?

Originally Posted by Cachibatches View Post
Everyone is going to tell you that its because of the NBA and NFL, as if of the roughtly 150 million American men, they are all in the NBA or NFL.

There are two real reasons:

A) Americans are becoming lazier, fatter, and more cowardly every minute, and

B) It is virtually impossible to find a good amatuer boxing program in our pussified culture.
Your second point is a good one. How you gonna' have boxing in school when Mothers against drunk driving have taken over. We're all supposed to live in a hermetically sealed bubble now. Didn't you get the memo? It's for the children's sake so how can you argue?

The first? I dunno about cowardly. Not hard at all to find a nice brawl most places if you go in running your mouth. If you really believe that, pick a port (we have a **** ton of them in this country), go to one of the bars down by the docks and try your luck. Then you can post the results on your facey-space...
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