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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
George is literally like a tank. You don't muscle George. Too much size, girth, and gorilla strength. It isn't just, like, strong arms, legs, whatever...He's blessed with straight animal strength in every fiber of his body. Carrying 700 pounds of elk on his back and **** like it's nothing.

His defense is also underrated. Shots bounced off him funny. I liken it to a boulder in a river. He gets plenty wet, but it takes millenia to punch a hole in him. It just slides off.

It's frustrating as hell, actually. You fire combinations, you stick, and NOTHING is pressing. Nothing sticks. Nothing feels like it's landing right. It's HARD to stand your ground when your getting hit with shots so stiff as to feel like spears and telephone poles, cant make anything PLANT on the guy, and, to top it off, he's got ox genes or something. Unbelievable. It's just not gonna happen. Only guy to ever outmuscle me 100% in there.

Lennox is a beast too, but it was the combination of things with George. It's not JUST strength, it's the combination of brute power, juggernaught defense, mindless tanklike aggression, and jabs and rights so stiff, strong, and heavy that the can knock you OFF your base.
I always figured it would be very difficult to land on older Foreman clean. Nice to hear confirmation of that, though. That awkward arms out defence just seemed to stymie a lot of shots, or had them glancing off the top of his big chrome dome. Morrison was having a hell of a time landing clean on George. His lefts were just getting sapped before they landed, and George's constant forward pressure was forcing Tommy on the backfoot and unable to get full torque on them as well. Looked like a nightmare to fight if you were a smaller fighter.

I wonder how it would work against a much taller fighter though. I can imagine someone like Vitali being able to land a lot more solidly on George than a little tank like Tua or Tyson ever could due to the angle at which he'd be punching.
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