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Default Re: Ask The Pro: Questions/Tips

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
I think rigo has the capabilities to be a huge superstar,nearly everything he does is near perfection,he has great speed of hand and feet,punches hard he's got the lot.
I think Rigo will use his speed and movement to make Donaire pedestrian I may be wrong time will tell.
He's won everything in the unpaid ranks and IMO he's the best amateur I've seen.
Now compare that to Broner and I can't understand why people think he's going to be the next Mayweather,he couldn't lace his gloves,Mayweather is special and Broner isn't even come to him.

He was an outstanding amateur, but don't you think his lack of pro experience would tell against a great veteran like Donaire? Rigo has shown weaknesses when he can't get his man out of there early, and Donaire isn't going anywhere soon.

Agree with Broner, Broner is good but all of this "special" talk is overboard, he's no different than any other great prospect that's been produced in the last ten years, and he should already have two losses on his slate
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