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Default Re: why are girls SO LAZY at the gym????

Originally Posted by ChechenGirlific View Post
As I said its about purpose. A woman dont need to so much research for run on treadmill.
Male trainers in gym always walkin around female athletes, so if we want to ask a question can ask directly to trainer. No need to do a lot of reserach.

no need to research???

ahh yes this why girls are alway attracted to fraud coaches in boxing or martial arts
who keeps tell he "your doing great" as she slaps the pads"

and as far as asking at the gym from trainers etc
most girls just have their ipads on and dont talk to anyone

well some will talk and complain about guys looking at them
to other girls

while- wearing a little bra top and see through spadex tights lol

anyways anyone who thinks they dont need to research what
they are doing is stupid or lazy or both.
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