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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Rahman's certainly got the build of a man with freakish strength. But he didn't seem to apply it at the highest level as Foreman did. I mean, Holyfield just walked straight in to Rahman. Maybe Rahman's no stronger than Holyfield, (in the ring, who knows about the bench). But then Evander's a beast too.
Having great static strength and having great dynamic strength aren't that related. One's mostly a matter of raw power, the other's a matter of technique, build, power, endurance, bloody mindedness etc.

Rahman no doubt had tons of the former, which contributed to his huge one punch power if he could wind up and land it flush, but lacked in so many other respects that he could not routinely make that power count in a dynamic environment.

Would be interesting to see how high he registered on a punchometer, though, compared to other traditionally huge punchers. I think he'd do rather respectably.
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