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Default Re: Just how bad was Haglar robbed if at all against SRL?

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
anyone that says leonard swept the first few rounds will probably say Norris Leonard was a 120-116 fight

Leonard has always been a low volume output fighter. fact is, he didnt do enough to clearly win rounds 1, & 3. I will not bend over backwards for him and score those rounds for him any more than I would not deduct points for his flgrant fouls in rds 4 & 7

I thought he did great against a shot, ex-great fighter who declined drastically in the five years since the fight was first seriously discussed, but he came up short
Hagler was shot? There is very little evidence to back up this claim. Hagler may have not been at his very best but he was far from shot. Hagler was not fighting often at this point but when he did fight he still looked good and he was winning by KO. In 1984 he stopped Roldan and Hamsho. In 1985 he stopped Hearns. In 1986 he stopped Mugabi. He lost very few rounds vs. these 4 fighters.

Oh, I guess because Roldan scored a knockdown in 1984 (questionable, and Hagler was not hurt) and Hearns cut Hagler in 1985, that he must have been slipping!?! Or maybe because Duran did better than expected in 1983? Duran was the only fighter that lasted the distance vs. Hagler between 9/1980 and 3/1986. When was this man great if he wasn't great in these fights?

Leonard retired in 1982. He had fought mostly at WW with a few fights at JMW mixed in, including a win over Ayub Kalule for the JMW World title belt, KO9. He did not defend the title and returned to WW to make 2 more defenses before retiring in 1982.

He returned in 1984 at WW and beat Kevin Howard, KO9. Leonard was dropped in the fight and retired again. Still, no fights at MW and comfortable at WW.

Leonard came back in 1987 for his first fight at MW and beat Hagler. It was a big win for Leonard.

So, tell me again how Leonard should have been favored and how he was picking on a washed up Hagler.
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