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Default Re: Nigel Benn Interview (Hour Long)

Originally Posted by c woodhouse View Post
just watched this, nigel is pretty deep into the religion, id just like to remember him as a bad ass that knocked people spark out, might not be his way to be remembered but thats what comes into my mind when i think of the dark destroyer
It's a major transformation, He's always been a emotional guy. My half sister met him up Streatham Common. There cars colided nothing major just scrapes on car and she was little shaken up by it. He noticed and took her for a drink and she said he was a total gent.

Nigel Benn could of been by brother in law if she had any brains .

But seriously i got so much respect for this guy, open as a book and is a inspiration. As he once said and will always stick with me ''I was once walking in darkness now i'm walking in the light''.

Walk on brother .
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