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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
your ****ing re****ed,

go to a gym and see what happens there,

like i already too much of anything is harmful
look at ****ing but you will have the brain power
to question that

bottom is
i actually train and from i can see you
clearly you have no idea what that is

**** your stupid,

but here is a study to educate you on weights helping injuries
**** your science you **** stupid, ponce man, look - I train every day non-stop unlike you, with your rest periods and other *****, man, my grip strength is obscene just from speed bag. Sparring rounds off my training nicely, gives excellent cardio and leg endurance. NOTHING ELSE IS NEEDED YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!!! Funny thing is, you actually buy that **** you've been reading, sucker.
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