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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
George is literally like a tank. You don't muscle George. Too much size, girth, and gorilla strength. It isn't just, like, strong arms, legs, whatever...He's blessed with straight animal strength in every fiber of his body. Carrying 700 pounds of elk on his back and **** like it's nothing.

His defense is also underrated. Shots bounced off him funny. I liken it to a boulder in a river. He gets plenty wet, but it takes millenia to punch a hole in him. It just slides off.

It's frustrating as hell, actually. You fire combinations, you stick, and NOTHING is pressing. Nothing sticks. Nothing feels like it's landing right. It's HARD to stand your ground when your getting hit with shots so stiff as to feel like spears and telephone poles, cant make anything PLANT on the guy, and, to top it off, he's got ox genes or something. Unbelievable. It's just not gonna happen. Only guy to ever outmuscle me 100% in there.

Lennox is a beast too, but it was the combination of things with George. It's not JUST strength, it's the combination of brute power, juggernaught defense, mindless tanklike aggression, and jabs and rights so stiff, strong, and heavy that the can knock you OFF your base.
That's how it looked to me. He routinely pushed Evander off with what looked like little nudges. Granted, Evander wasn't the strongest heavyweight, but he was still able to outmuscle most of his oponents.

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Bowe and McCall would have been straight bullied. I had no trouble moving both backwards, George would have either had them on their bikes or circling him(Bowe would have beat him up inside, but would have done so going around him, not consistently backing him up.)

Bonecrusher, Bruno, and Ruddock, I have no idea. Razor didn't ever look too strong to me. Mainly a sharp, explosive puncher, generated a lot of power lunging, but he got straight abused in some of his higher level contests.
I agree, I think Bowe would've won in the 1990s assuming he showed up inshape, but he'd have done it circling, not pushing forward.

I think McCall also would've been forced to move around using his jab, and I think that fight would be very similar in scores as it was with the Holmes fight. About 1 point eitherway would determine the winner.

Bonecrusher in the 1990s wasn't very motivated or good, at least not what he was in the 1980s. Foreman would likely beat him with few problems and force him to back up.

With Bruno it's tough to say who'd have won. I was never all that impressed with Frank and I think he might gas and get stopped late by George. I think he too would've been forced back.

I agree with you about Ruddock, he never seemed that strong compared to other strong heavyweights to me. He was a crisp, hard puncher, but not physically as imposing as many others.

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
i can see what you mean about foreman
but like i said in another thread

he only avoided pretty much all the big strong man in the late 80's and early 90's

bonecrusher smith etc

instead he was fighting guys like qawi and looking unmovable
i think these guys would have given him a reason to move

thats why he fought NON of them
Foreman avoided those he felt had a realistic chance at beating him if it wasn't for a title fight. I doubt he was ever even remotely concerned about them physically hurting or abusing him, he was more concerned with being outpointed.
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