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Default Re: Just how bad was Haglar robbed if at all against SRL?

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
maybe u dont want to admit it openly and that's the real problem cuz if u did, it would take away from Leonard's accomplishment

how do u explain the exclamation on leonard's part "I can beat him!" following Hagler Mugaib?

leonard could have made the same statement following the first Hamsho fight but instead he preferred not to make waves lest he get the chance to prove it

obviously u cant tell the difference between one performance and the next

can u tell the difference between 1966 Ali & 1980 versions? becuz that's pretty much what we're looking at here

besides, Hagler's decline thru out 1984 is well documented; extended by Duran, hit repeatedly by cyclops Roldan, almost lost, etc
You probably think the lunar landing in '69 was fake, 911 was an "inside job", the Sandy Hook shootings were fake, and that the Ravens and the 49ers in the Super Bowl was prearranged.

'66 Ali was clearly better than '80 Ali but a case can be made that an early to mid-70's Ali (he should have retired in 1975) was as good or even better than '66 Ali. I'll explain. Yes, Ali wasn't as fast or flashy but he was smarter, bigger, and stronger. He was more experienced and proven vs. better competition. He know had faced Frazier x3, Norton x2, Foreman, and others. Sure, he was still a bit rusty vs. Frazier in their first fight and lost but he still fought great vs. another great. He clearly won their 2nd fight and managed to win their rubber match after going thru hell. He came in a little lazy vs. Norton and lost by decision. He beat Norton in their rematch. Norton should have won in '76 but I'm not going past '75. He was older and sometimes came to fight at less than 100% but he was still great and sometimes as good as he once was.
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