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Default Re: Peter Quillin: "The fight with Golovkin doesn't make sense".

Originally Posted by ALLEXX View Post
2 facts:

1) According to Steve Kim, the GGG-Rosado fight was by far the most viewed on last weeks HBO card, with 813,000 viewers.
Martinez -Burgos had 520,000 viewers
Garcia-Salido had 780,000.

2) From Steve Kim's article:
"I talked late into the night at Jimmy’s Corner with an employee of Madison Square Garden who told me they absolutely consider themselves in the Golovkin business. Judging by the crowd, there were a good number of Kazak’s out in the audience with their flags. Yes, like the Klitschkos (who have done significant business in the Big Apple in the past), it does look like there is something to be had here. He has a fan-friendly style and a constituency in this region.

Also selling a good amount of tickets was undercard fighter Sean Monaghan who, despite limited talent, is a guy who brings his share of people through the turnstiles. Go to any card in New York City with this guy (big or small) and he brings a sizable clan with him. In talking to a few fans who went to the Theater on Saturday night, they noted that partisans of both Monaghan and Golovkin left after their guys finished fighting, not caring too much about what fights followed."

Still not really known in the US?
Golovkin right now is better known to American fans than Quillin is. GBP sticking Quillin with a planned slate of weak matchups in Barclay's is an attempt to help him build up some drawing power, so they can't have him fighting anyone who'd derail that, like Golovkin.

The only reason Golovkin isn't more well known now is his difficulty in securing opponents. If Quillin had taken the fight with GGG after Pirog got hurt, whoever won that fight would be a much better-known commodity now, but Quillin and GBP refusing to take the fight has made the road to s****om for both longer.

Golovkin would beat Quillin down, and Quillin knows it. Otherwise the fight would have happened back then. There was a chance to be on an HBO Main Event instead of on Showtime Danny Garcia undercards, and Quillin passed up free publicity to take the belt from N'Dam, who'd ducked GGG and held a belt that had been stripped from Pirog.

Quillin is having a very well-managed career. Now he's got a belt, hype, and a gravy train of soft touches in Brooklyn.
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