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Default Re: Peter Quillin: "The fight with Golovkin doesn't make sense".

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
And possibly Rubio are weak fighters

You do realize that N'Dam is two levels above anyone Golovkin has faced yet? You do realize that Rubio is fat boy Chavez best victory? You do realize outside of Martinez and Sturm Quillins has probably faced the best competition of anyone in the top 5 at middleweight

Golovkin fans are jokes? I can't wait till this hype job is exposed for the no headmovement, slow punching, pizza face he is.
Dude, is Quillin your dad or something?

Wright was basically retired for three years before the Quillin fight. If GGG had fought a former Junior Middleweight who had been retired for 3 years, you'd be going on about it for a year or so.

N'Dam could have fought GGG at any point he was WBA interim champ, but he never wanted that fight. GGG would have stopped him.

Quillin also got outboxed in embarrassing fashion in almost every round he didn't win 10-7 vs N'Dam.

Also, you keep bringing up how Golovkin got "Pizza faced." Rosado got destroyed much, much worse, and that was all while he was in survival mode basically the whole fight. He only lasted that long by running and spoiling. He got outlanded by like a 3-1 margin and basically got demolished off the jab alone.

Lastly, facial damage isn't the be all and end all you make it out to be of determining who won a fight. Even if it was, Golovkin still destroyed Rosado's face much more. I didn't see you claiming anywhere that Pacquiao had got the better of Marquez in their third fight, but guess who's face looked worse after the third fight? Marquez, easily.

Didn't see you calling Marquez a loser who got marked up by a faded Asian midget there.
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