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Default Re: Peter Quillin: "The fight with Golovkin doesn't make sense".

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
Whatever, Golovkin's busy chasing the fights, Quillin's obviously busy running from fights.
Quillin last 3 opponents

Winky Wright
Craig Mcewan

Next fight: Fernando Guerrero

Golovkins last 3 fights

Rosado - lmw who was kod by Angulo in 2.
Proska - Lost to an English Postman
Mikoto Fuchigami - what the ****?

Yeah Pizza Face loves to fight... bums.
He's called out the entire division, it's not his fault if people like Quillin does not recognize him as a name.

N'Dam and Guerrero peaked his interest, however... Golovkin who now has HBO backing does not? Something there that does not make sense now, does it?
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