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Default Re: How much do you think Adam Booth can improve Aydin and Lee's game?

He is going to make an immediate impact on Lee's conditioning going into future fights.
That is half the battle.
The other half of the battle is Lee's missing inside game and head movement.

I think he can help with the inside game and its too late to help to move with the head movement. However, giong back to the first point, conditioning, will substitute Lee's lack of head movement.

Reason for this substition:

Well look at Lee's last 2 fights against Vera and Chavez Junior.
In the entire Vera fight, Lee used his footwork to prevent relying on an inside game.
Vera tried to repeat what worked in their 1st encounter but this time Lee was wise.
And the difference when Lee had Vera on the canvass this time as oppossed to their 1st meeting was evident both in Lee's maturity and refusal to go in looking the kill.

In the Chavez fight, Lee did the same thing in the first 3 rounds and boxed beautifully.
However, this was a much smaller ring for one thing, so Lee's energy got wasted faster as a resul because there was less room for his footwork. and to Avoid Chavez, like he was with vera, he was having to waste much more energy. So eventually he had to get up close with Chavez and we saw the results.

Now with Booth placing most emphasis on conditioning and sports science which Steward for all his good qualities, was missing - we may see Lee able to keep up that footwork for longer.

And one final point, Lee is most dangerous when he throws 3 punch combos.
Anthony Fitzgerald is not going to test Lee and so we won't really know until his 2nd fith under Booth if the conditioning has kicked in. Unless of course Fitzgerald can put in the performance of his life. He is not the worst combeback opponent but probably on a par with Kerry Hope.

We will know more by the summer.
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