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Default Re: ******: Khan's still got the L plates on...

Originally Posted by fluxstuff
Well, he's hardly going to say, "yeah, turns out Amir's a bit of a hype job. He'll be looking to beat up some cab drivers for the next two years and then, if there's a suitably weak British champion, I'll put him in against him - but I'm taking no chances with this golden goose!"
The problem I have with it all, is that they knew this from the start. So they are using the kid in an exploitative way and most idiots have baught it, considering the marketing.

The TV show idea and the autobiography were clear signs of them wanting to milk it for all it's worth in a short period of time before the inevitable happened.

Khan apologists say that Khan has created interests in boxing? Yes, for idiot kids who want his money, his fame and his status... but will they want it when he gets KTFO brutally? Seems like that wouldn't be the case as the kid's who want to be Khan want the same easy red carpet ride that he is getting.

Then what about the new fans because of Khan? When he gets laid out, they leave the sport.

So what good does this do except disgrace British boxing?
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