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Default Selling Tickets pro's and con's and the fight business

I saw where some of the questions Bomber was asked was about selling tickets.
I would like to give you both sides of selling tickets. From the promoters POV he's looking to sell tickets so that he can stay in business and do future shows.
The the fighter and the fighter's team, has to knock on doors and sell tickets which really can be time consuming, first you have to get someone to commit to buying a ticket, then they say, I will pay you friday, then you have to track them down and collect the money, and believe me that sometimes becomes a big time pain.
In these days and times promoters might require a fighter to sell tickets or not fight.
My strategy is to see how many tickets my guy can sell, so that I can ask for more money next time. I then ask the promoter for a bigger percentage of whatever my guy brings in.
Here in the states, the fighter can get 10-20% of what he sells. How do they do it in the UK?
The reason the promoter has to resort to having the fighters sell tickets is cos
he is not making it and losing money.
I deal with guys who have some charisma, which helps, cos they bring something else to the table in terms of a fanbase.
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