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Default Re: Will Ricky Burns duck Adrien Broner if they both win the next fights they have?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I agree partly, but the problem is, we all know Ricky Burns' management will claim the whole 2 belt thing (IF Ricky beats Vazquez that is) and use it: "You come here, or the fight aint happening at all"

Predictable tactics. I hope I'm proved wrong after saying this, but you mean to tell me, they wont try that game of cards? I can see it coming a mile of, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Vazquez aint no gimme, and I've already provided my prediction for that fight. So all this talk may well be BS anyway. But I know one thing, if Ricky does lose, and Broner and his team come calling after a defeat, they wont play games this time. They will jump at the chance.

I hope my boy Broner just rises above it all, rises above all the talk and moves forward. Ignores the haters trying to suppress him after every flawless victory, bigger and better fights out there than Ricky Burns.

Anybody CAN get it.

And the team Wickster didnt want any of it!

So we move on, onwards and upwards to glory.

Go Broner!

When Ricky wins it won't be a" 2 belt thing " it will be fact!
And to be honest it won't matter were he beats *****! Then everyone will give him the credit he deserves.
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