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Default Re: What if the Soviets had always been allowed to fight in the pro ranks?

Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
Again, no link. So what!!
so even though you ignored all the links I posted before, you ask for links to the things that are obvious facts to any person who has even a little knowledge of boxing, so what?
so now you also want a link that shows that pro boxing was prohibited in USSR and you claim I'm just making it up, so what?
so after you tried to prove that HW are old at 30 and I posted link to boxrec that shows that even new fighters at HW are over 30, you ignored them, So what?
So you promised to leave ESB after I proved you wrong in the HW boxer age discussion, and you are still here, So what?
So you have 0 credibility now, So what?

I was laughing my ass off when you tried to prove that HWs are old at 30 when you can go to boxrec and see their ages for yourself.
And then you said if I could prove you wrong you will leave ESB, and when I did you just started swearing at me lol.
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