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Default Re: Jullian Jackson vs Tito Trinidad

I'm not so sure Tito does recover better.

jckson was just never hurt nearly as much against the kind of fighters that dropped or rocked Tito.

Trinidad would likely need to grind jackson down to win.Doing that with his balance and legs, so-so reverse gear, slow starts and limited ability to become more safety-first in general would be a massive task.

I think he's more likely to win by mangling jackson with a big left hook and getting him out of there within a round or two. But that's not a probable outcome imo.

Jackson has a much better chance of ending things with one shot the way i see it, or landing to the extent Tito would be done very soon after.Tito was hurt enough from a guy like vargas in the mid-rounds that he felt he needed low blows to stem the tide.

he gets hit that much against Jackson, who has quicker hands and a better offence and he'd be obliterated sooner or later.

I find Tito one of the more overestimated fighters at 154 in general.he's often mentioned as one of the best ever there, and while he was formidable he did no more than a lot of fighters who don't get those props...all the while showing a reasonable amount of vulnerability whenever he fought anyone competent.Nothing to overly criticise by any means, but certainly not giving the kind of performances that merited the Tito hype train back in the late 90s\early 00s.
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