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Default Re: Why Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire

Originally Posted by Consu View Post
I might stupid and should shut the **** up but Rigo was wobbled by Robert ''who?'' Marroquin. You think Donaire wouldn't catch him? Donaire ain't that bad against defensives fighters that you are making him to be.

I'm not that impressed with Rigo. Donaire is a HUGE step up for him if it happens. Everyone can look against medicore opponents.
Donaire got caught showboating in the corner. I'm assuming he wouldn't do that vs Donaire, but who knows

Originally Posted by Sandman_ View Post
I happen to agree with you that Rigo beats Nonentity.

But don't you think Rigo needs a solid workout before taking the fight given his recent lack of activity?

In any event, I agree with the guy who posted that Vic will be Nonentity's next opponent.

Rigo's starting to look like the least likely option. If you're right with your ****ysis, with good reason.
yeah I think he does need to stay sharp. Like I said, Donaire is still a very good fighter and he'll need to be on alert all 12 rounds, because one shot can end it all
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