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Default Re: Have you guys read Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey?

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
But if you watch Dempsey on film, he is clearly good at rolling under punches. There is even a technique based off his approach, called the Dempsey Roll, although to be honest, the first time ever heard it call that was on the internet.

Regardless, Dempsey was a phenomenal rolling expert, and like you, I understand the importance of ballance, and I think it's possible that Dempsey either forgot some of what he knew, or he couldn't quite put into words what he meant.

You got to remember, it was a long time since he was champion, and I'm sure there were many times in your career for instance where your body felt a certain way when you were shadowboxing, and you started to utilize that technique against opponents effectively, but you didn't write it down because it felt so natural.

You know how it is, you do something frequently, and your passionate about it, you learn things at the time that just flow, when otherwise after some time off, you just can't put it all together.

Or like I said, maybe he just didn't express himself in a way where we could truly understand what he meant.

Then there is also, perhaps both you and I really don't know **** about boxing or he was trying to trick people into not being able to box for some unknown predjudism or sadistic enjoyment. can be the judge of that, I'll have to go over it again. I will say that I am impressed when I see Dempsey operate in motion.
Nobody really taught Dempsey how to be Dempsey, he did things that worked for him, sure there are always better ways to do things.
Nobody throughout history was perfect in everyway. Even the greatest ever Sugar Ray Robinson, it could be said he could have done this or that better. Like the saying goes nobody is perfect.
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