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Default Re: Why Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post
Would I be right in saying Rigo does not throw so many punches because he is very defensive. I see Rigo being stopped by Donaire mid to late on.
And BBallchump, you use a video of a punch landed on Pac 2008 and 2011 but why??
That is one punch its not like Pac was getting caught with it every time it is thrown
It's not to diss Pacquiao. It was just the best gif I could find to demonstrate my point that the quickest point from point A to B is a line.

Originally Posted by ImElvis666 View Post
Quality post bball.
thanks dog
Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
Donaire isnt Pacquiao and his shots aren't telegraphed. He's also the fastest, hardest hitting and explosive fighter at 126 and below. Donaire isn't dumb enough to just jump in wide open on a guy that can only counter punch. Donaire will wait Rigo out and see his chance and he will take UT and Rigo wont be standing after that.
If you think Donaire is patient enough then you can go on thinking that. I just don't know if he will. If he fights him like he did Nishioka, then he has a very good chance of beating Rigo. Idk if he will though

Originally Posted by Sweet-D-Willy View Post
exactly. Nonito's downfall is that he always wants an "entertaining fight". the boo's from the crowd makes him throw his gameplan out the window. so he'll start throwing wide looping 1punch KO shots. that's dinner time for a sharp shooter like Rigo who seems to never lose his cool in the ring.

still, it's winnable for donaire because of his speed and power but i see a UD victory for Rigo or a nasty body shot KO.
yeah good point. He has the Amir Khan in him trying to please the crowd too much.

Originally Posted by HitBattousai View Post
Rigo doesn't have the size of Mathebula for Donaire to contend with while playing defense though, and his chin seems to be very fragile by comparison as well. And while Rigo's defense is good, he's been hurt badly by far lesser fighters. Donaire stops Rigo imo.
it could very well be true. I'm only making a best guess based off of what I've seen from both guys and their tendencies.

Originally Posted by DobyZhee View Post
donair can sit and go defensive mode. igts rigo that will do the punching and paying for it
I actually could see Rigo getting caught leading with a left to the body like this
I don't see him having to lead much in this fight though
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