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Default Re: Bute to fight for WBC title same night as Froch v Kessler possibly on the underca

Originally Posted by USA Rob View Post
For somebody that is so hot on posters backing things up with credible information, you did a great job at pulling 3 out of your ****.

I will refer back to the email I received this week from somebody who reads these forums that told me "That DFTaylor doesn't have a clue what he is talking about when it comes to TV"
WOW! An unattributed person who emailed you sharing an opinion based on ****-all knowledge of me or TV. You, Rob, have often claimed insight into the sport and the TV world. What is it you do again?

I don't work for Sky or in the broadcast industry, but luckily for me one of its ex-marketing managers is in my team. So I asked her what the standard deal on a PPV is and that was the number she gave - she worked on the promotion of Hatton-Maywether, FYI. It's also based on what Haye reportedly took from the Valuev PPV. You said that was 50%, which knowing Sky's business model seems very high. That's fine - neither of us has a confirmed source - I'm open-minded on it.

Unfortunately for you, I actually do work in marketing and communications, alongside people who have worked for Sky, WB, Virgin, BBC, ITV, STV, the Mirror, the NOTW, etc. And I talk to them about this stuff all the time and constantly need to know what's going on - otherwise my consultancy in my role would be worthless.

Once again, what is it you do?
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