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Default Re: Why Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire

Originally Posted by OnePunchKO View Post
**** thread from a ***** OP. Donaire was wreckless against Narvaez and Mathebula because they were both featherfisted and Donaire had ZERO respect for them.

Rigo has power, so you won't see Donaire showboating or gunning for the KO every second of every round.

Donaire has shown a very good beard. I've never seen him in trouble or hurt, though I haven't seen ALL of his fights.

I made a thread about this once. Donaire's skin will be his down fall. He puffs up VERY easily.

Rigo's gonna be an exceptionally easy win for Donaire - and the haters are gonna say that Rigo was green, never beat anyone of note, etc - all the reasons that Rigo doesn't deserve a fight with Donaire.

why dosn't your *****ass make threads like this then. Your threads usually has some trollish title and then in the opening post something like this "" in it
gtfo and let people who know the sport of boxing talk
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